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Apple products and their iOS


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7 minutes ago, nodle said:

I am not to fond of the whole text messages at the bottom, has any switched it back to normal to display at the top? I need to read how to do it.

I don't have the answer for that one....how about getting the charge percentage back on the first screen when first touched (while charging)?

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28 minutes ago, jmanz said:

At least until an upcoming patch.

Hopefully, I see enough people complaining about it online. I know they were trying to make room for their new lock screen widgets, but I am not even interested in them. On an always on screen, I think they would be cool though. If you ever see a fix, please post it in here.

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Well I had to  to try it,  but yes World of Warcraft runs just fine and natively on a m1. Honestly I am really impressed a full 100fps. You can't max everything out, but more than plenty. Imported all my add-ons over as well. Neat thing is it runs super cool.

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