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Almost there

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Finally, after about 10 years, I finally started the building the arcade cabinet. We'll finish it tomorrow, and I'll start staining the outside. The inside will be black. At the top of the cab, there will be a 5.5" marquee. No theme yet, but that'll come later.

The biggest impedance is the smoke glass to cover the monitor. I don't have any plex yet.


I am basing this based on this cab below.


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I'll have to post another pic after dinner. He had a full assortment of tools. We used a jig saw, but every time I used it, I looks like I was cutting with bacon... My brother in law cut the curves. Anyway, we had a router for the t-molding later, table saw, circular saw, miter saw, drill.

We were supposed to get two done this weekend, but we had to run to town to get some stuff, so it ate a bunch of time.

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I have some parts to sand before I stain. I might also redo the bacon bezel. Its kinda thick, and it might look better with a beveled edge. The pitch of the montior bezel makes the monitor space look smaller. I have a 19 inch lcd that goes there. It has some warts yet, but its mine!


This is what I started with:


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