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Arcade cabinet


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I'll be off tomorrow to work on it. Gotta get a new sawblade. This is just a working prototype. I wanted to tryout the 7 button layout, but I think'll go with something else. Most of the games I played were 3 buttons at the most.


That old PC is done for, the newer PC (pictured.) Is awaiting a few upgrades. Hopefully one of which is WIN7.



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Awesome work.

She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts



Thats kinda lacking too. The monitor in the picture has the vesa mount. Tomorrow I'll go get the screws to mount it. I plan on it being a (manually) rotating monitor, so I can play the vertical shumps correctly. I had a lazy Susan assembly for years, but I can't seem to find it. I'll see if I can pick that up too.


I am looking for a PCI express x1 card to put in this computer. I need a little more juice for some other games. A RAM upgrade is in order as well.



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I thought I'd update my arcade thread. Not much progress except I have installed and started to configure hyperspin. Its a neat addition to the experience. I have ordered a mount to mount my monitor. I recently so someone detail their rotating monitor mount and it seems very doable. Another portion I have considered incorporating are lighting up the push bottons based on the game selected.


I think I may have changed my design of the cabinet again. So I think I am going to just stick to working out the configuration, lighting and rotating part for now. Its still a little colder than I care to spend outside.


For to follow once I get off my dead ass and start cutting some wood...



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