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Russia's lost cosmonauts


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Unknown couple (February 24, 1961)There were reports of a couple launched on February 17, 1961 aboard a Lunik spacecraft orbiting the earth, reporting "Everything is satisfactory, we are orbiting the earth." at regular intervals.


On February 24, 1961, there were some garbled verbal transmissions about something the couple could see outside their ship, that they urgently had to communicate to Earth. What happened is unclear, but communication was lost. Around the same time the listening station at Torre Bert reportedly picked up an SOS signal from a craft in space. As the signal got weaker, it was assumed whatever craft it was disappeared into deep space.


Alexey Belokonev (November 1962)


Alexey Belokonev is reportedly one of three (two men and a woman) cosmonauts aboard a November, 1962 flight. The Torre Bert tower in Italy allegedly picked up a frantic set of messages relayed by the three occupants. 'Conditions growing worse why don't you answer? ... we are going slower... the world will never know about us . . '




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This stuff is very interesting. The 5 link posted below are excellent and I am sure WayneKerr would love them, as would Davec.


Here's the alleged transmission of a female cosmonaut's last transmission before burning up on re-entry in 1961. It's kinda spooky to hear her final words before the capsule disintegrated high in the atmosphere, then even more so, be wiped from history through fear of it damaging a nation's domestic and international pride.


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