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The Secret Code Hidden In the United States Cyber Command's Seal


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Can you figure it out?




This is a closest thing that people may think it is:


The code on their website is 9ec4c12949a4f31474f299058ce2b2...


Decimal is:


158 196 193 41 73 164 243 20 116 242 153 5 140 226 178 42


Poder Cybernetico


Dog Latin for "protect the internet"


Decryption key should be this:


"The missions of U.S. Strategic Command are to deter attacks on U.S. vital interests, to ensure U.S. freedom of action in space and cyberspace, to deliver integrated kinetic and non-kinetic effects to include nuclear and information operations in support of U.S. Joint Force Commander operations, to synchronize global missile defense plans and operations, to synchronize regional combating of weapons of mass destruction plans, to provide integrated surveillance and reconnaissance allocation recommendations to the SECDEF, and to advocate for capabilities as assigned"


alot are saying it's a MD5 hash.


MD5 hashes can't be rolled back to the decrypted state, so, unless someone finds it decrypted on an MD5 hash database, it's impossible to know what it is.



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Interesting to note that their code of arms lists a lightning bolt amongst other things.

If I am not mistaken a lightning bolt in a military insignia is a representation of electronic warfare.



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