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I am sorry but you know movies are going wayyyyyyy overboard with CGI nowadays. I mean you can have nice CGI, but it still always looks fake. A little here and there isn't bad in movies, but most are now just abusing it today. I wonder if it is because it's not only easier than animatronics, but actually cheaper than hiring an actor? Either way please stop. What happened to the magic of movies like Labyrinth, or the Dark Crystal? They stand the test of time because there was effort put into them. Jim Henson would be ashamed of the movies today. I remember when the first Toy Story movie came out I said back then, "you watch most movies will be like this in the future". Looks like I was right. Now I don't even want to get started on all the crappy re-makes going on in movies today. Be original and think for yourselves.
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