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International Report Confirms, North Korea Torpedo'd South Korea

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This is not good at all.

A North Korean submarine's torpedo sank a South Korean navy ship in March causing the loss of 46 sailors, an international report has found.

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has pledged to take "stern action" against the North.

His presidential office said he had told Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd: "We will be taking firm, responsive measures against the North, and through international cooperation, we have to make the North admit its wrongdoing and come back as a responsible member of the international community."


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North Korea has weapons close enough to strike the capitol city of Seoul; should the South or any of her allies decide to go on the offense. Although North Korea doesn't give a shit about the welfare of its population; the South Korean government doesn't want its population to suffer needlessly from war.

I say it all the time, we need to NUKE North Korea.

North Korea will have a shitstorm if they decide upon an 'all out war'. The whole world will come crashing down on top of them.

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