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Out-of-line satellite systems

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Out-of-line satellite systems

One of the primary concerns with the idea of manufacturing powerful "psychic

systems" (mechanical TK, pyro, omniscience, basis lock or other higher power

thrower systems) is ensuring ground-level security. Once powerful spacetime

computers came into being in the 1950s, it was realized that any one single

sucessful security breach would leave the breacher in charge of the world.

But, these systems had to be deployed to protect the masters of the world

against alien encroachment on the solar system. So it was decided to use

gate systems to put massive satellites into the solar system, there to be

called upon to defend the solar system against _any_ alien incursion -

friendly or not (shudder...).

U.S. Army Janxon orbiters:


There are three of these sitting in translunar orbit. They are composed of

three main systems and a concealtor core:

* Core "technical" - A junctions-TK emisser (see the telekinesis document).

* Guidance - a simple TK-ish program designed to keep the sat in translunar

orbit, run in the core technical.

* Armamenture: A large set of technical programs designed to rebuild society

after a nuclear holocaust. The sats were to set down, attract people,

distribute power systems and knowledge and rebuild a government and civil society.

The concealtor core is a "predator system" - it warps light around the sat,

making it completely invisible.

U.S. Navy knocker buoy:


This device contains a completely incomprehensible physics core. All that

the theoreticians knew was that the system would "make everything alright".

A complex "social weaver" was thrown into the fabric of spacetime, designed

to seek out a stable solution of every one of the tens of thousands of social

conditions given as constants. No one knew what the "solution" was, only

that it would come flowing at the human race out of spacetime.

U.S. Navy "Big bobby" submersible:


Not a satellite, but out-of-line enough to deserve mention. Big Bobby

floats in the middle of the Marianas Trench, about three miles down. It

contains a TK flight and guidance core, a primitive omniscient computer, a

TK matter synthesizer which runs off the elements in seawater, and a crew of

20. Big Bobby was designed to leave the oceans in case of nuclear

emergency, fly into space, and begin to repair society with TK.

U.S. Navy hypersats:


These sats were manufactured through completely automated computer-throws from

1975 to 1997. The most current series is the hypersat series 11. These sats

contain thousands of distinct emisser types, and run off of a standard space

physics computer core. Most of these sats exist in alternate dimentional cores

for concealment purposes, and run autonomously without any sort of ground control.

NRO mipe-sats:


There are four of these in solar orbit. No one knows what these systems do,

but they assume that they come from the NRO since they have more out-of-line

technology than anyone else around. The most powerful prober systems in

existence cannot penetrate these craft's shields.

NRO Keyholes:


Slightly more primitive than the mipe-sats, these systems (in addition to

their normal classified down-looking camera systems) contain out-of-line

programmable field-emissive cores. These are used to program and contain

the telepathic community. In an emergency (decided by ground stations -

these sats have no computational cores), the keyholes could fly themselves

with a space physics "TK-ism" to avoid ground fire.

Russian gedanya sats:


Roughtly analogous to a Navy hypersat, these sats contain a brace of emisser cores.

These sats were operational in series from 1967-1987, until the failing Soviet Union

decided to get out of the solar system-protection business and leave it to the United

States DoD.

Chinese wang-wei 'turbosatellites':


These sats ditched the idea of a core brace for a hyper-programmable general-purpose

'sark emisser'. These sats are distributed all over the solar system - _billions_ of

them, all cooperating to work as a group-set.

French 'sarvades':


Tiny (30 cm in diameter) 'microsats', these are some of the most sophisticated

physical-materials-based sats ever developed. Each of the approximately 20,000

microsats in orbit contains a different power emisser, to spread out the difficulty

of taking out any significant portion of the total 'power grid' in case of space


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Is this what you guys use at your work place Nodle?

We still use sticks and stones..... we just upgraded!

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