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United States Superclassified sections

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U.S. Super-classified agencies:



There are two major levels of security involved in any classified agency which

is publically known: The formal organization which is known to the public, and

the hidden ("really classified") section, which is usually known by a secret

name within the DoD. Usually, two-thirds of the power and resources of a given

agency are set aside for the super-classified section. If you want to know what

is really going on in classified circles, you look here....

Defense Security Agency:

The DSA is the super-classified arm of the NSA. Unusually for a SC agency, the

DSA has a public face - the NSA CSS division. This agency employs tens of

thousands of "cryptanalysis experts" (psionics-math experts and TKers) who

permeate the military with unlimited access, establishing a control pinion way.

Defense Research Agency:

The DRA is DARPA in super-classified circles. Composed mostly of ex-DRO

(see the Factoids document) personnel, the DRA is the most powerful agency in

the US government. All new theorietics in psionics research come from here.

A dangerous place to be because of all the new powers that are constantly

arising, the DRA is usually composed of personnel who are drug-programmed and

locked in containment for life.

Defense Procurements Agency:

Field personnel in super-classified systems, DPA combs the population for little

bits of "accidental psionics" in the average person's nervous system (these

occur in everyone). DPA runs a lot of its people around using automatic

mind control computers, since the job is mindless and just takes a lot of

time to do.

Defense Master Agency:

The office of the president in super-classified circles. Being commander-in-

chief, the president usually has a lot of powerful and unique psionics tech

to protect him or her. So to some degree does his staff and the Secret Service.


Defense Rapid Reactions Agency:

Comparable to the British SAS, this agency takes in Special Forces and SEALs and

other such 'commando' type personnel and trains them to act as liasons/placements

for civilian police forces of various types, often as classified SWAT personnel

with telepathic or other such abilities.

Defense Emergency Response Agency:

DERO is FEMA (nee Homeland Security) in super-classified. Also known as

"emergency containment", DERO rarely interacts with the outside world and is

shrouded in mystery. DERO is designed to control (and if necessary, house) the

entire population of the country in times of psionics attack against the US.


Also known as "tops containment", this is the US Army in super-classified.

USAMRIID is widely thought to run the entire world, but no one knows for sure.

Very few people have ever been inside tops containment and returned to tell

the tale....

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