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The NSA to Store a YOTTABYTE of Your Phone Calls, Emails and Other stuff

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There are a thousand gigabytes in a terabyte' date=' a thousand terabytes in a petabyte, a thousand petabytes in an exabyte, a thousand exabytes in a zettabyte, and a thousand zettabytes in a yottabyte. In other words, a yottabyte is 1,000,000,000,000,000GB. Are you paranoid yet?[/quote']

Just in case someone doesn't take the time to read all of the comments....,

For fun, lets do a calculation:

6,794,000,000 people on earth * (24 hours/day * 365 days/year * 80 years/person) = 4,761,235,200,000,000 hours

Now, you can store approx. 2 hours of high quality video using 1 GB. Thus, in order store the entire life of every person on earth in video format you would need:

4,761,235,200,000,000 hours / (2 hours/GB) =

2,380,617,600,000,000 GB =

2 yottabytes

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