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Call of the day

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So I just took a call here is what took place.

Him "Im having an IE error"

Me "Ok what error are you getting?"

Him "It says IE cannot display a webpage"

Me "Ok it sounds like you don't have internet, who is your ISP provider?"

Him "What do you mean?"

Me "Who do you get internet though, who do you pay for internet?"

Him "I don't I live in an apartment building and just use the neighbors"

Me "Well it sounds like they locked it down either by mac address of a key"

Him "well how do i get back on?"

Me "you pay for internet"

Him "so if i bring it down can you fix it"

Me "no that still wont fix your problem you need to pay for internet"

Him "i have to pay for it?, well i will mess around with it then. Thanks"

Yes this is what I have to deal with daily.  :pinched:

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