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Watched this one last night.  Primarily I rented it as I enjoy movies based on a true story, and it's supposedly not a bad film.

Robert Downy Jr. plays a journalist for the LA Times who has a chance encouter with a homeless man (Jamie Foxx). This homeless man seems kind and intelligent though perhaps mentally disturbed.  He also plays a violin having only 2 strings.  The man happens to slip that he had once attended Julliard

After this meeting Downy is intrigued and begins his search for history on the man and begins a series of columns on this man.  He also continues to spend time and attempt to aid the man.

Overall this was a good film.  Kind of a slow moving plot and not much for action or laughs.  I'd give this around a 6.5, or what will be 3 of 5 stars on Netflix.  Worth renting if it sounds like it's up your alley.

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