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WayneKerr and the DSlite

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Has anyone had any experience taking apart they're DS?  I ebay'd one with the intent of swapping the case out later.  I cracked it open because the power switch started to stick.  I finally got the damn thing back together but lost a the rubber pad that covered one of the screws.  No lose.  30 minutes later, the switch stuck again...eph!!!!

Shrug...I'll let it go until I decide on a case.  Its a narrow market though...I might not unless I can find a decent review of that lime green case that cooking mama whatever comes in....

So here is the damnedest thing about that ordeal...I found a left over screw like a week later on my desk.  Oh, that and the screen seems to need to be calibrated to often and I can see light through the lower left corner.....

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