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G.I. Joe

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I won't give away any spoilers here, but I thought it was good.  I didn't read any reviews, because I knew I would see it eventually, if not in the theater.

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It's funny because I heard that this is one of the worst rated films of all time. But a few people have liked it.

I'd say its under appreciated.  It was a little slow moving at the beginning, but eventually it made up for that.  I would have made some different choices *shrug* but I liked it well enough.  

Its based on a clothes, comic, tv show, and bunch of toys.  But that is not entirely accurate.  The thing that is disappointing is that its not based on the clothes, comic, toys and TV show I watched.  Its a vehicle to promote new comics, tv shows and toys....

Additionally, they made a story that introduced a lot of the characters at same time, in a different way than the original "G.I. Joe" mythology did.  Where as the cartoon helped draw out the story until, I imagine at least, they made enough $ from the toy.  Its a essentially a reboot to the franchise, but most people recognize G.I. Joe as a toy, not something that ever had a disticnt story line.

Another thing that I didn't take to kind to was the missing "Real American Hero" tag line! Our world is much smaller than it was in the 80's; everything has an international component to it.  The "Joes" aren't Americans, they are an international blah blah blah....  That is the biggest change of all I think.  

I could get into some more philosophical commentary about how a generation was raised not to kill with real bullets, or not to kill the terrorists through toys and comics and cartoons, but that's not exactly what the movie was about, because how else could the continue the story line to sell more toys comics and cartoons.

All in all, I think when you boil it down, the movie isn't what disappoints people.

Suspend your Disbelief, and enjoy the movie.

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