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      Happy Thanksgiving   11/23/2017

      Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy your day today, gobble gobble!  
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C Pav

What did you get for Christmas?

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I can't believe nobody made this topic yet. Anyway here is what I(and my wife) got.


new shoelaces for Dr. Martins

case to put my glasses in

Nose hair trimmer  :whistling:

new belt for dress pants

Under Armour shorts

under Armour shirt

Final Fantasy IV for the Nintendo DS

Together the wife and I got:

2009 calendar(custom made)

clothes hamper thingy

car battery charger


A Nintendo Wii, extra contoller, Wii Play, and an extra Nunchuck

AND from my parents we got Rock band 2 Special Edition for the X Box 360

There was some other small stuff as well

Oh, I ate way too much and now way near 190  :sad:

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craftsman 19.2V drill & saw combo.

mp3 player (was early gift rewrapped for under the tree)

from white elephant, we got electric blanket & some of those locking down tupperware things.

One of the guys @ work got everyone beer or booze; everyone on our crew at least.  It was a 3 country imported beer gift back.

Some souvenirs from mother in laws trip to Cancun.


I can't believe nobody made this topic yet.

Christmas is about giving.and a baby in a manger & various pagan rituals

Christmas: they joy of giving

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Ok here is mine, i'm late to the show

Gold toe socks

Terminator 2 Blu-ray

Stargate Blu-ray

Back to the Future trilogy

Adam Sandler collection

Seinfeld scene-it game

The Zombie Survival Guide book

Band of brothers blu-ray box set tin


Few pair of work pants


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