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Strange Flying 'Creature' Photographed at Macachn, Argentina Airport

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The CEUFO (Center for Studies UFO) of Argentina received an email from a photographer (Fabin Romano) that claimed to have captured a strange being on his camera while taking some shots around the Macachn airport.

The image submitted to CEUFO is said to have been taken in midday with a Minolta digital camera. Using a lens of 135 mm and a manual speed of 1/1000.

The CEUFO analyzed the image and declared it to be that of a flying entity. They also said that the image was of a high strangeness. The CEUFO came to this conclusion after submitting the photograph to rigorous testing.

CEUFO also submitted the image to various centers around the globe for further examination. The curator for the Provincial Museum (Gustavo Siegentale) said that the image was very strange indeed. Gustavo Siegentale went on to even claim that this could be a mammal, carnivore and with wings obviously an unknown species.

According to The CEUFO, the image was then submitted to the Special Criminal Division (police) of La Pampa. The division, using hi-tech equipment that is usually used for criminal cases, said that the in the photograph, one can see eye sockets, a beak and the object could be 80 cm tall. Taking in reference the airplanes propellor in the background.

The CEUFO also said that this was not the only reported sighting of the creature. There has been other situations were people have seen strange creatures in or around the airport area. Further investigations are pending.


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