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Why does time seem like it goes faster when you get closer to 30?

Actually believe time goes faster with each year. I seemed to notice it around 26.

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I think this is based on perceptions and relation of time.  For instance, take the following as an example:


When you're five years old, a year is one fifth of your life, making it seem like a long time.  Also take in mind, that feeling when you really want something (something that would have to wait till next year), a year seems to take forever.

In comparison, when you're 20, a year is only one twentieth of your life, and while the days don't exactly fly by yet, a year doesn't seem like the eternity it was at five.

By the time you're 50 and a year is only one fiftieth of the time you've experienced, a year whips by pretty quickly.

Another factor is how we spend time. Children are incredibly focused in the now, totally absorbed in whatever they're doing. As we get older and begin to do more and have more complex thought processes, we begin to perceive time a bit differently. Unfortunately, it's hard to measure these kinds of perceptions as everyone is different in the type of life they live.

I also think that as we get older we have more experience, and learn and occupy our brain with most of the basic stuff in our younger years.  As anyone hear can probably contest, the same old routine of work work work just seems to create a repetitive lifestyle the uses up most of our lives.

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You are wise Ryanator, but instead of writing longer posts like this you should be drawing comics. Now get to it!!

You're right, does this answer the question better?



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