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William James Sidis, the smartest man in history

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William James S IDIS, (1898 - 1944) is considered as the most intelligent person in the history of the world, was born in New York, the son of Russian immigrants who fled Russia for political reasons as part of the Russian Jewish community ... His father, Boris Sidis, considered a pioneer of applied psychopathology him his own knowledge of psychology providing it with a high intellectual capacity ... He had an IQ estimated at between 250 and 300 ... so we can get an idea of their high intellectual potential and that of a normal person is between 85 and 120.

With just 18 months old, the young James could read the New York Times. In the eight years he knew on August 8 languages, Latin, Greek, French, Russian, German, Hebrew, Turkish and Armenian and invented one, which called Vendergood to 7 years. He spent the third grade in three days. He wrote four books on anatomy and astronomy between 4 and 8 years. Before reaching the age of 8 he was accepted at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and the 11 years I enter Harvard University and was an expert in applied mathematics. At age 16 he graduated in medicine. He was able to speak about 200 languages until his death ...

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