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Has anyone heard of this yet??



Is Nibiru the greatest hoax ever portrayed? We present you with the information and you decide.

In the event all of what you are about to learn is true, a carefully written survivor's guide has been written.

In 2012 a planet called Nibiru/Planet-X may reek real havoc on our planet as it passes through our inner solar system.

By 2010, Nibiru will be the headline of every major newspaper in the world and global pandemic would soon follow.

By then it will be almost to late to prepare for the inevitable. Will you be one of them or is your family ready?

Currently Nibiru is being seen with the naked eye in the skies in the most southern hemisphere.

By 2010 Nibiru will be able to be seen with the naked eye in the northern hemisphere.

Since 12-31-1983 Planet-X has been tracked by NASA, and continues to this day.

In the name of Global security, official news of Nibiru has been suppressed.

However news and pictures of Nibiru are becoming more common.

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Did some more research on the subject and the guy (Prof. Mike Brown of Cal Tech) who claims to have discovered "Eris" says that Eris is in it's furthest point from the earth in it's rotation.  However!; the same guy claims to have never explored the southern hemisphere of earth, and has only ever explored the northern hemisphere with a telescope.  All sources that I have found claimed that "Eris" can only be seen in the southern hemisphere at the most southern point (Antarctica).  If this is true, then Mike Brown is a liar about one of his stated facts.  Something is fishy here...... :unsure:

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