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What's happening at the Denver airport?

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Listened to some Coast to Coast AM recently.   They had a discussion on Denver. 

  • CIA moved their Headquarters there recently
  • Denver International Airport supposedly has underground access to Secret network of Subterranean tunnels
  • Among locations under Denver is the COG (continuity of government) headquarters
  • Denver may be the/is the Capital of the North American Union
  • Theere are murals in the Great hall depicting two possible futures; a positive (flowers and families) and a negative: Storm troopers killing people

Anyone else listen to Coast to Coast?

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I know exactly what you are talking about, i believe there is a post on here about the murals in the airport, weird freaking stuff.

This ain't the type of stuff I would want to see in a airport...


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Ya, it was pretty creepy imagery...the radio show said something about a local magazine or something did a 12 page spread on the airport...I should look for the pics.

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