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Hilarious DCT Classified

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This was posted on an ISP Classifieds section:


Date Added: 05/04/06

Hi, My name is Michael Myers I'm looking for a summer job, babysitting (certified by redcross), or cleaning indoors. I have had the cleaning experience of cleaning my own room, helping my grandma move out of her appt. and other experiences also i will take any amount given as long as it is reasinable for the job that i will do for you. The reason i wasnt the job is because i would like to go to San Antonio, Texas to see my cousin and her husband and two children. Thanks in Advance, Michael A. Myers

P.S. jobs must be in Carrington area and i cannot drive yet

Contact Information:

e-mail to [email protected] or cal 701-307-0420 and if pranked i will turn you into the police!!!

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