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Best Tube AMP?

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This seller is from Ashley ND. I want this unit. Buy It Now price: $579.00

The Jolida SG202A sounds much better than most solid state amps. Especially in the critical midrange, where the delicacy of female vocals, the texture of a saxaphoneall the fundamental frequencies of most instruments live, the Jolida simply sounds more natural. It delivers a rich full sound with a great sense of space around individual instruments, and the overall impression that the music is right in the room with you! Instruments seem to emerge from behind the speakers in a huge soundstage with reach out and touch it imaging! Dynamic and Engaging!

S.G. Jolida-202 integrated 40 wpc tube amp


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Got excited and though this was going to be about guitars.....but nooo just some audiophiles going off....

It sounds like you play....what do you have for guitar(s) and amp?

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Um yea I've been playing a while about 7 years, stilll in college so my equipment isn't the best but I have a Marshall Half stack, don't remember which one, its at my buddies right now so i can't really look either. Peavey electric (generations series, its a telecaster style) nothign to special there either. But I do own a '59 Danelectro same type Jimmy Page plays White Summer black moutain side when he does it live. And man it has a classic sound to it too. And a couple acoustics Seagull and Washburn. Like I said nothing too great, do you play?

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