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Games that you always wanted to play, but never had the time for


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What are some games that you always wanted to play (we all have backlogs) but never got around to really play? I will start us off.


  1. The Secret of Mana. I still remember where I was sitting when a friend of mine brought his Nintendo Power to school and I saw an article on the game. That massive tree. I always had these visions of another Dragon Warrior or Zelda. But here it is 35 years later, and I still have never played it. I just wish I could dedicate and motivate myself to focus on just one game until I beat it.

The box art for Secret of Mana on SNES

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The 2 above games are both great. I prefer Secret of Mana a bit more but noth were advertized big time when they released. I especially remember the many ads in the gaming magazines I had at the time.

Secret of Mana I bought when it came out and it wa s a great purchase. Ryan and I played it a lot and it's amazing. Earthbound sadly I never bought. Sad because of the value it now carries and how good the game was/is. I did get it for the Wii U from the shop and did play some of ti but just never had the time to get much into it.

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