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Left hand Gamer keyboard


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What brand is that one @WayneKerr ? I know Razer makes one. I guess the lockup could be caused by a few things. I guess the first thing to try is go to the manufacture's website and make sure that you have the latest usb drivers. Next I would try a different usb port as well. Did it just start to happen?
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I was thinking about getting one of those gamepads as a workaround to the issue I am having with warzone. I don't have one yet, and that was just a random screenshot from amazon.

Oh ok, got you. If I were you I would star away from the generics and got with a name brand my self like Razer's Tartarus. I have head good things about them. I have never used one myself though. I have considered purchasing on in the past, but always wanted to train my fingers on a default keyboard, that way I could play anywhere on any setup.





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