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To many choices these days for everything


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Does anyone find that we actually have to many choices for everything these days? We have so many things to choose from that we don't end up choosing anything at all. Look at all the subscription services these days, from television to video games. Take Netflix for example, so many things to watch that all I do is flip through looking for something to watch then eventually not choosing anything and going to bed. When I was growing up we only had two channels and always had something to watch, or you had to wait for it. Same thing goes with video games these days, with all the subscription services out there we have access to entire video games collections out there. Stuff when we were younger could had only dreamed about. But guess what? Same thing, nothing to play. I will purchase all these collections and never even play them. It's more of a mental thing I think than anything because I am living out my fantasy of my younger self. When I was growing up you only got a new game maybe 3 times a year and you played it over and over and over, even going as far as looking for new secrets etc. Always rumors at school of how a kid found a secret area and you would go home and spend hours looking for it. You knew the game inside and out. Now I can have that same game and more and yet you never play them. I think something is lost when you have everything at your fingertips. The imagination and fantasy are gone. Anyone else experience this these days as well?



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