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Air filters for your vehicle


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So I thought I would start a thread about air filters for your vehicles and which ones are the best. I have been researching them the last couple of days and found interesting results like this video poste below:


(I like this guy's videos)


I always thought K&N filters were the best, but after doing some reading online, it's seems like while they are re-usable and can give you more HP, you get it at a cost of letting more particles in your engines. I actually have a K&N in all my vehicles expect our new one, but after watching videos and reading articles online, I ordered some paper ones again. Also I always thought you didn't have to change you air filter until 30k miles, but apparently it's every 12,000 miles. Also don't forget to change your cabin air filters. I didn't even know vehicles had these until just a couple of years ago. Not all do though. But man what a difference that made changing those. With all the smoke that we have heard over here this year, I figured we are pulling more particles than normal.



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So picked up a replacement the other do of a 'Wix' brand that was suppose to be good, but no matter what it would not fit. I mean it would fit the box, but it seemed like the seal was to hard and would not left me box close. I must had messed with it for about 45 minutes and finally gave up and returned it. I checked the official site and made sure I had the correct part as well. Went into a store and bought a different brand, 5 minutes later I was done like it's suppose to be.
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