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Running out of water in the future


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I don't know about any of you, but this year alone it has been scary with how dry everything is around here. Our rivers and streams, lakes and reservoirs are super low this year. I have head about so many peoples wells going dry this year as well. I know a few friends from different states that have posted photos of their rivers all dried up as well. Scary times. So my question is do you think water will become the next oil in the future? I know I have read online about this the last few years and people think it may happen. People point at Nestle controlling all these water supplies. I even read here about two week ago, about people tapping and stealing water and water trucks down in California. I personally blame it on mankind with their messing of the weather like they are doing over in Dubai. What was once a conspiracy theory about modifying weather, has turned into fact. I believe when you mess with it one one side of the globe where it shouldn't happen it steals it from the other side, and messes with Mother Natures intended weather cycles.
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