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NextDNS - Network wide DNS filter


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So I have been reading up on this service this morning. I did a lot more reading on it, watching review videos, and playing with the interface. Basically if someone is wanting a service like Pi-Hole or AdGuard Home, this is a great service that will almost do the same but you won't have to have a Raspberry pi or other hardware. There is a free version base on how man DNS queries that you send, but even the pay version is very reasonable. It does have all the major block lists and with even some parental controls. You can also install on some routers from a CLI depending on your brand of router. 

This guy has a nice write up for those running Ubiquity brands:

NextDNS & the Dream Machine

For all others, just find yours listed in the list:


They also offer a site to show their ping, based off your location:


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