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Looking for old aviation conspiracy about lost plane time travel

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Around 10 or so years ago, I remember reading about one of my favorite aviation mysteries, but can't find it anymore.


It happened around the 1950's or so and was about a woman pilot (not Earhart) with her co pilot who were expected to land at an island, but everything was undeveloped and no landing strip. However, the radio communications were still working. The pilot kept circling the island and knew it was unmistakably the one where they needed to land. This part I can't quite remember, but i believe the people on the ground we're communicating them to land or something like that, like they were in different times or dimensions. Does anyone remember this, and no, not the mandela effect...



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I've been trying to find something about this on the internet and am not coming up with anything. Was this a book or something that you read on the internet?

I read this in the internet, like it was one of the more popular aviation mysteries, but can't find it anymore.



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I’m not surprised, back then there was all sorts of stories and conspiracy stories you could read about. Google has started a ‘cleansing’ if you will, of the internet I have noticed. I believe it’s part of the ongoing propaganda and one thought control going on in America right now with big tech.
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