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Infrastructure test on America and other countries


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So I have been thinking about this lately. This is a bunch of puzzle pieces that you have to assemble yourself to see what really is going on. So let's start this off:


We have the Colonial Pipeline hack. OIL


We have the JBS meat supplier hack. FOOD


We have the the Internet being down last Tuesday. COMMUNICATION


We have the blackouts in Europe (another thread on Fluxoid about this already). POWER


What you are seeing is tests from other countries, disguised as "Hacks". As someone that use to work in the industry it's easy to blame something on a virus than what the real truth is. So by saying they were hacked with ransomware, it takes the blame off what really happened and makes the population take their anger out on hacking groups. What is there was no ransomware? What if what really happened was another country disrupting these services to see how we can handle it? You say what happened already. People being idiots with game, people starting to horde meat. People freaking out because they couldn't check their social media or news outlets. So where are we going with all of this, what is the big plan? Well why should another country send in their military? Why not shut these down remotely? This whole country and the new generation could never handle any of this. The whole country would eat itself from within. These are just test patterns from other countries to see how we respond, blamed on ransomware, to shift the blame elsewhere. So be wary when you see these things happen in the future, you will see more of it happening. It's no longer sending bombers over countries to see how fast they will scramble jets to see how they will respond, it's a whole new world.



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