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Magnetic water conditioners


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So recently we had to have a new well dug, and we re-did everything, I mean everything. All new lines etc. (my poor wallet ?) anyways this time we went ahead a plumbed in for a water softener. The area we live in is known for hard water. So most people have water softener systems. Since we redid all the plumbing we went ahead and got it setup for it. I wish I would had taken some PH samples to compare to our new well, but I think be default and the depth we went it seems like the new well has less hard water out the door. In the meantime I came across magnetic water softeners, while they don't soften the water using the traditional salt method, they make the water pass though a magnetic field with supposedly changes the ions and allows the hard water to pass more freely. At first I thought "what a bunch of snake oil", but then I started reading Amazon reviews, and other places online and apparently there is some science to this and it's not all fake. So It started to intrigue me, and I had Amazon credit built up so I went ahead and ordered one. The installation was fairly easy, just mount box, and wrap the wires in the correct flow pattern and plug it in. I installed 2 days ago, so I will give an update over time. They offer a 1 year money back guarantee as well, so I have nothing really to lose. It seems to be a less maintenance free option than buying salt all the time. I might eventually go ahead with a full blown water softener in the future.


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