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Let's discuss the government spending and the real reason behind it


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I think this belongs in the conspiracy forum, I just want to address the white elephant in the room that no one is talking about, the outrages government spending lately. Everyday I am reading the news it's "the government is spending 17 billon on this, or 2.3 trillion on this". This is not millions anymore, it's not billions, we are talking trillions. Think for a second on how much actual money that is? And it's not stopping. Why do you think that is? :unsure:


Here is my theory...


I believe that they are purposely trying to get us in debt. Why? One simple reason - China. Yup China what's us to keep spending, more and more, to get us in greater debt (more than we already are). We owe them so much we can't possible pay them back right? So we then have to sell them our bonds. I think Trump was actually going to make China release us of our national debt due to them releasing the corona virus on the world. I think they knew this as well, that is why he always referred to it as the 'China Virus'. He knew what he was doing, but things took the opposite direction and now they are just keeping the money printer rolling. I also think that China is manipulating our stock market as well. I think that they can control it and make it go up and down. Why not? They have all the money to dump and pump it. Think about it it's just like the people did with the $GME stock, but China is doing it on a mass scale. Makes you wonder if they are just trying to get us so in debt and make everyone think everything is going fine and then one morning *poof, someone pulls the plug, the markets crash, people aren't prepared for it. People are in debt and foreclosures hit, people start doing mass suicides because they can't handle the loss. Don't think it's possible. Just look around you, America can't keep just dumping and spending money, sooner or later it has to pop, it will come it's only a matter of time. What a great war tactic, make everything seem like everything is great, then make it not, and let your own country eat itself, then swoop in. Why fight another country when you can have the country disrupt itself? The CIA did it before with other countries and cause disruptions between it's own people, all you have to do is turn on the news these days to see it playing out in our own cities in America. But I guess that is for another topic.



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