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Let's talk pens


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Yes you heard me right, lets talk about pens. I just recently ordered this Fisher Space Pen. They make a few version, but I got this one for EDC.


The bullet space pen. Pressurized ink that allows you to write in any temperature, anywhere, underwater in space etc. It's a small form factor but turns into a standard size pen.




Also while I was looking I came across another popular model of pen the Zebra 701. Make sure to get the new model that says all metal inside and out that you don't have to mod.




I really need to stay off the internet late at night. Does anyone else use a quality pen?



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that you don't have to mod.

Your modding a ballpoint pen? WTF. Do you have some waterproof paper to go with your pen that writes under water?


Have some decent pens around, like the gel ink things. Don't need a super expensive pen, i'm fine with a pretty cheap pen that works well and I'll just replace it when it quits. Haven't felt the need to try to write while I was in the pool.



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My Zebra F701s arrived yesterday. Man what a great pen. Because of the all metal design it has a good 'balanced weight and feel' to it. It actually makes you want to write with it because it feels so good in your hand. I would highly recommend them.
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