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U.S.A's Space Force


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I thought I might as well make a thread about this, because there will be more and more talk about this in the future. I think everyone laughed when Trump announced the program and the name. But it is making it's rounds in the news. I think there needs to be a focus on it (even though I believe it has been in place for quite some time now with some officers being known as terrestrial officers, but that is for another story). But let's face it, if war really did break out, on of the first things they will go for is communications and that is our GPS/communication/spy satellites. Anyways on with the show.


Is a space war brewing? Russia announces it will establish a lunar colony by 2040 just hours after Nasa says it's returning to the moon 'to stay'



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Looks like Russia is gearing up for it already.


The US Combined Space Operations Centre (CSpOC) believe that either the rocket's upper stage broke in two, or the Russians had kept part of the launch secret.


The rocket, launched from Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Western Russia, was set to launch three new communications satellites.


Along with the rocket upper stage, this would have made a total of four orbital bodies.




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