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Who's funding the 'caravan'?


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So this is making more and more news each day. Its still far away and they won't get through the Mexican border anyways. But it is funded for political reasons. So who funded it? The Clinton Foundation, George Soros? One thing everyone agrees upon is it is political motivated.


The caravan started on October 12, 2018 and it was allegedly organized by an ex-congressman of Honduras called Bartolo Fuentes, he was part of the caravan and was updating his facebook profile with testimonies and photos of the caravan but once he arrived to Guatemala he was detained and deported back to Honduras. The chancellery of Honduras says he organized the caravan, provided transportation while in Honduras and made false promises to the immigrants like saying that he had been promised by the Guatemalan and Mexican government safe passage from them, he's also being accused of working with "political powers" to destabilize the country. He denies this and says that the government is looking for scapegoats to deny the humanitarian crisis his country is living...but I mean, to think that 7,000 leaderless people decided to make a caravan out of the blue seems like a long shot... but that's just my opinion.

The caravan consists of 7,233 people according to a mexican association that aides immigrants (Casa Migrante Saltillo)


2622 men


2234 women


1070 boys


1307 girls


On the Mexican side, the Mexican ambassador in the USA, Geronimo Gutierrez, said:


“We have evidence that this caravan is also very much politically motivated. We’re obviously sensitive to the humanitarian situation that we encounter, and we’re acting precisely. But we have also made very clear that there’s no legal ground on which Mexico can issue a permit by which people can just go through Mexico toward the United States."

So the Mexican government is insistingly implying that there's a political actor behind the curtains pushing for an agenda, and they keep mentioning how well timed the caravan is to the midterm elections of US, the final destination of the caravan, but they're not naming anyone because I mean, then democrats would be angry and not just the republicans blaming us for giving shelter, food and offering refugee status to them (but mostly are denying this in fear of being deported) instead of just telling them to go back the way they came.


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