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Let's talk coolers


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So it seems like there are coolers everywhere these days. Yeti seemed to have started with with their line of coolers. These types of coolers are made with a process called "rotomolded" and there is a difference in the insulation compared to say a cheaper Coleman. Most of these modern day coolers can keep ice easily up to 7 days in 90 degree weather. I have been researching different models based off price. Walmart actually sells some nice ones for the price. Yetis are great but the price tag is hard to swallow. Anyone else looked into them?
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I'm telling you, the Walmart Ozark Trail coolers are just as good as Yeti for a fraction of the price. It's your money, but in my opinion it is foolish to pay the excess for Yeti. I have the Ozark tumblers and they are great.

No I wasn't putting them down, I looked at them and they are good. But even theirs are dam expensive.

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