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Model rocketry


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When I was growing up model rocketry was a big part of my life. Estes rockets were big in the stores. You know the balsa wood wood rocket models that would be held together by wood glue, followed by small chemical powered engines that would pop their tops and come back down with a parachute. I loved this things growing up. Me and my Dad would build them all the time. In fact I even remember doing one in our small town for a school project in a field across from our school. A few other fathers got into it as well. You could apply stickers and paint them. I remember we built this one, and my Dad really got into it and spray painted it with a beautiful sparkling paint job and it was beautiful. The first time we launched it the parachute failed to deploy only to have it fall to Earth in a heap of rubble. I remember he wasn't to happy. I missed looking though those old catalogs, and had memories of imagining them. Some were quite large as well. I found a collection and a specific catalog that brought back a lot of memories from 1982. Pretty cool stuff. Anyways else remember them?




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I remember my brother and I getting into them for a bit. I always remembered the igniter and rocket engine part (Firecracker type thing).

Ya those were them. They made different size "loads" that would take this fireproof tissue paper and a little metal paper clip thing that you would attach two alligator clips to. Then you would have a launch pad and a wired remote with a little key and a launch button. I believe they even made multistage ones.



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Yes to all the above. ryanator and I know all very well of them. We both were pretty young when we got our first model rockets. I think we or I got a big kit for the first as it had the stand and launcher. Came in a big box. He had a pretty nice rocket as well. Thing was we were not so into building them right away or very good at it. I think we eventually built them as I recall spray painting them. His had some gold and green color and was a larger one I think. Can't recall my first one. Might have been a white and black one.


What I recall the most was we used to just ignite those engines in the garden in the backyard for fun...


In 6th grade for school we got to buy, build and then shoot off rockets in school. Was awesome. I bought 2. that comanche 3 3 stage rocket which I did not shoot in school and a simpler white and black one that I did.


Later on an ex brother in law, ryanator and I shot them off at the Trinity football field. I shot the 3 stage one off and all 3 stages worked but the parachute did not. Part of one of the stages or several tore up and were destroyed and the tip/nose cone "crashed" down into some person backyard garden and stuck in pretty deep.



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Ya that's the stuff. Man kids these days don't know what they are missing. TO MANY DAM VIDEO GAMES!

Haha yeah. Looking at the catalog from 1990 (year I would have been in 6th grade I think) and The Sizzler looks exactly like what my first kit was. Same exact box and launcher. Only difference is mine had red plastic legs like what is shown in older catalogs but that is the exact box and probably kit I had first. I then bought 2 different ones through the school class buy. Actually I might have actually bough the same rocket just not as the kit for the class.


I can't seem to find what my brother had.



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