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Kriss Vector gen II

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The nice thing about these are that they have many caliber choices, but I've read quality issues with certain parts, especially the ejector chute.  If you want 9mm, go with a CZ scorpion, but if you want another caliber, then you should carefully read unbiased reviews on these and then make your decision.

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      So as a few of you know I have been looking for an AR. Had my sights set on the Ruger-556. Well I went in to look at them and saw this beauty.  When I held it I love the balance it had in the center. It wasn't quite the color I wanted being all black. The Ruger I was looking at was a flat dark earth color. But this one had a better slide pull, and the trigger was a night and day difference than the Ruger. So this is what I came home with today. Happy Father's Day to myself.