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Good things you have done at work


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After the popular thread of bad things you have done at work lets do another. This one is all the good things that you have done at work. I'll start us off.


I must say for the 13 years I worked in IT I feel pretty proud not only of my work but the way we treated people. @C Pav can account to this. We gave away so much free service. We always wrote a "N/C" on most of time. Our max charge was a 2 hour charge and that had to be something major.


I use to add memory into people computer for free because I had an extra box and would speed up old 133mhz machine quite nice. They never knew.


When the new company bought us out and wanted us to charge ridiculous amount of money I wouldn't. They would also want me to lie and say that their hard drive was bad, so that they could charge for a part as well. Same thing about virus and spyware, blame it on that so you can charge more. Nope.

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