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I see Firewatch is on sale on the PS store. I always wanted to play this and heard good things about it? Think it's worth picking up?


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    • By nodle
      So now that we are coming into the new year, which console do you think will come out on top this year? The Switch is fairly new, the xbox and ps4 have been out for awhile, but each system has an updated console out. Who do you think will become the champion by the end of 2018?
      My choice right now is I think Nintendo may be the winner by the years end with the way things are looking right now. I see the PS4 continuing to push the VR side hard. Microsoft needs to get theirs out the door as well. I know it's early like I said, but my money is on Nintendo. I am interested to hear what others think.
    • By nodle
      Looks like a second version is getting released. I missed out on the first one. But heard it was excellent.
    • By nodle
      Well I ended up beating this game last night. It was a great game, but I don't know I didn't really care for the ending.
      The whole game had a almost "Half Life 2" feel to it. I liked the beginning a lot. A couple of puzzles really made you think, but I never did look up for help and eventually just figured them out. I liked a few of the suspense parts to with the dogs etc. I think this would had been better with say a zombie theme to it. But overall a great game, if I could change anything it would be the last parts. Still though a 10/10.