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Greenhouse into dry storage shed

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So when we bought our place we had a pretty large sized greenhouse in our back yard which was basically just framed. We haven't touched it besides weeds growing up inside of it. Well we decided to do something about it, or I guess I should say my Dad did. He got it all leveled and squared off and started to side it in since the framework was there, He also widened the entrance door large enough to accommodate a 4 wheeler, my riding lawnmower etc. Then I borrowed a Toro Dingo from my work. This thing is amazing, we have done so much with it, we regraded along my back side driveway, removed and replaced quite a large shrub as well. I then dug up a portion of my backyard where I think the previous owners ruined the soil and I just couldn't get grass to grow and dumped new top soil on it and graded it. I even did a front portion of my yard last night was well. When then leveled the floor and brought in 3/4 roadmix for a base, and will top off the storage shed floor with some 3/4 clean. We have also trenched along the walls inside and our for more 3/4 clean for water. I think we are going to tin the roof as well, and haven't quite decided on the siding. Might drop in some windows as well. I love this tool though.


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Almost completed with this project. Everything is done except for front/back siding and entrance door. Besides that she is all ready.

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But the back siding on yesterday except for the top eve. Just have to do the front now, hopefully, we continue to get nice weather this week.

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