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What are you listening to? (2017 Edition)

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    • By Davidc
      Nodle introduced Flux to Röyksopp. I've followed their materials ever since. I think my favorite is now:
    • By nodle
      We may have had a thread on here before about this, but I couldn't come across it. I have been thinking of going with a online streaming service. Not one like Pandora, but the two other big ones Spotify and Beats music. One co-workers uses Spotify and the other Beats music. I really like the interface of Beats music, plus being able to take it offline is nice also. I had him search for a verity of artists for me also, and they had about everything I wanted. The app on the phone is nicely done also. I know Beats music has some sort of deal with AT&T also. Both run about $9.99 a month. Anyone use either that would like to give some input?