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Simple fixes can save you in the long run


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So we had a small shop vac that my Sister gave me when she moved. My Mom and other Sister were over for Mother's Day and they went to use the little shop vac. Well it wouldn't work. When they were getting ready to leave I saw them taking it with them. I said where are you taking it and they replied to the trash. Well I took it and it took me about 5 minutes and the return air filter was just clogged. 5 minutes later I have a fully working shop vac.
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I was just talking to someone about this about 15 minutes ago. We were talking about computers and how you just buy new. No more fixing.


Yeh I built an older dual boot machine for the neighbors in-laws.  It encountered a boot error about 6 months after they received it.  The neighbor asked them about it at about that time and it turns out they put it in the dumpster. Perfectly good machine. 

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