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Tutoring - Restudying math after 10 years, what a frustrating difference.


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I've been helping tutor Calculus, of a sort, for a co-worker friend of a company I used to work for.  She is in her 40's doing a Finance major. Now, I majored in Math with a 3.55 average, but wow, I don't have the patience to sit down and solve these types of problems anymore.  I started with the first half of the semester and put in a lot of hours to relearn all of this to try to teach it to my friend, but I'm not really able to grasp it anymore.  Also, she doesn't have much time either with a family, job, and involved in so many community functions.  The second half of the semester takes derivatives of ln and log functions, but takes forever, then the word problems.  Also, the professor doesn't let students reference any notes, so our idea of that went out the window.


I successfully tutored a company manager in Stats over a year ago, I can do that and Algebra, but calculus should not be required unless you are a math, engineering, or science major.

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It's funny even among the same technically minded people, how some are good and it comes natural and some not.  When I was in college, I got B's in all three calculus classes I think. I probably wouldn't do as well now.


After years of measurements in wood working and little metal working, I've come to the conclusion that fractions and the imperial system should replaced with the metric system, so much easier and consistent.  However, there were reasons for using fractions at times, but it should be secondary and less emphasis compared to metrics.

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