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I have one as a backup, however I would recommend the Sawyer filter over this one, especially the Mini (they are all small).  They are rated to last 100,000 gallons and have many adapter options like using as a straw or screwing right onto water bottle threads that built in.  They come with pouches that you can fill water into (or use water bottles), and screw it in with the filter.  https://sawyer.com/products/type/water-filtration/


However, these have space grade filters that use a simple paper type micropore screen.  They do work well and block the bad stuff from coming through, but doesn't do anything for taste like carbon filters.





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Some quick searches will bring up how the Sawyer is the same material and technology, but even a smaller pore size.  The Sawyer is also a little more versitle and they are about the same price (~$20) 


Living near mountain streams are one of the best filtered water there is, so that a plus for someone living near them, gives them an edge as long as the stream isn't purposely tainted (then one could use a good filter).  Elsewhere, if treatment plants go, drinking water will be scarce and a good filter is a must.



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