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Picked this up on Steam sale after watching a few Let's Plays. It's one of those survival mmo shooters, like day z or rust or the stomping land. Once you realize how easy it is to die and how frustrating it is to start over, you start to be more careful.

There are safezones with delivery type quests to gain extra supplies and xp. When you are in a safezone you can access a global permanent inventory, where you can stash all the stuff you don't want to lose. Aside from cosmetic items like masks (which you can find by using keys that they give you when you buy the game), all other items in your immediate inventory will be destroyed if you die. You also lose a level or two or 5 when you die, so the emphasis is obviously on long-term survival. This creates a lot of player tension, as it's kill or be killed most times.

You start with a knife and are given a quest to create a "can launcher" gun which does medium damage, so new players are often targets. One time I logged in later in the evening to find 5 or 6 people in a "clan" who circled around me. When I moved they followed me. This went on for about 10 minutes until I decided to leave the safezone, as I knew that they were harrassing me. They killed me and I found a new server. Pretty weird

Pros: -Huge, open world with high view distances

-Cool artistic vision

-Quests are simple and fun and the tension is real

-Monsters are scary

-Cycle through night and day

-Fairly wide variety of items to find

-Sense of reward is high

-Stockpiling loot and creating guns is very fun

Cons: -Server "rubber-band"ish feel as the world is very massive with many players running around as well as NPCs

-Can't trust anyone

-Nether can be extremely frustrating to kill when you don't have weapons and they don't stop chasing you once you are found, until you reach a safezone (which is actually a pro, difficulty is good)

-Game is a resource hog for some reason - 2+ gigs of ram usage just to open the game? I also should have installed it on my SSD instead of HDD

-Monsters sometimes glitch - can find them hanging in mid-air in places

-Playing alone can be frustrating - it's better to play in higher population servers (20+ players) so that the safezones aren't always overrun by Nether

worth the $5.00 though - good game - has huge potential

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I really like alot of direction these games are going like rust, and day z. They are really opening new ground.

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Yeah. While playing tonight I had a fairly shocking revelation; I played Nether way back when it was in beta and quit after one session!

I felt like the graphics/lag were too terrible then and getting killed by other players was too often.

Crazy that I had almost no recollection of it, though. It's better now - and as I mentioned in that other thread, replacing Nvidia Physx drivers has boosted my FPS in all of my games (the ones that they automatically update you with are from around 2007, lol)

k good night D: so much gaming lately

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