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Taco Bell's Quesarito

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Taco Bell's quesadilla-burrito hybrid, the Quesarito, has made it out of test and will be launching this upcoming Monday, June 9, 2014 at participating Taco Bell restaurants nationwide.

Taco Bell's Quesarito features seasoned beef, Latin rice, chipotle sauce, and reduced-fat sour cream, rolled up in a grilled cheese quesadilla.

The Quesarito will be a permanent menu item and, according to the company, was the best-performing test product since the Doritos Locos Taco, which turned out to be Taco Bell's most successful product launch ever. They plan to use the Quesarito as a platform for different flavor combinations in the future.

While the product name is catchy, it's probably one most associated with a similar "secret" menu item at Chipotle.

The Quesarito will be available with a choice of seasoned beef, shredded chicken, or marinated steak.

The suggested price is $1.99 for seasoned beef (650 calories; 34g fat), $2.79 for shredded chicken (620 calories; 30g fat) and $2.99 for steak (640 calories; 31g fat).


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Guess where we are going [uSER=1]@nodle[/uSER]?

Lol I thought of you when making this thread, but ours will never get it, plus it will be 3 times the msrp because of oil.

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