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Find video clip of this Seinfeld scene?

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This is one of my most, if not the most, favorite Seinfeld scenes where George is trying to track down his friends in a movie theater. The episode is called "Pool Boy", and I searched the internet, but couldn't find it. Anyone else find it?

Here's the script of the scene (read it in George's whispering, frustrated, mad voice.

Season 7, Episode 8: "The Pool Guy"

GEORGE: Susan! Jerry! Where are you? I know you're there! Answer me!

MOVIE PATRON: [Hey, sit down!]

GEORGE: Hey. Hey. Answer me! Come on, show yourselves!

MOVIE PATRON: [Hey, we're trying to watch a movie here!]

GEORGE: Drink your soda! Come on! I know you're there, laughing at

me. Laughing and lying and laughing! I had to go to Reggies, Jerry!


MOVIE PATRON: [Move it off of there!]

GEORGE: Where are you!

2nd MOVIE PATRON: [Hey are you sure you got the right theater?]

GEORGE: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Chunnel. Susan!

2nd MOVIE PATRON: [it's playing in two theaters.]

GEORGE: Two theaters?

2nd MOVIE PATRON: [Yeah, there's a 9:00 too.]

GEORGE: Oh. Sorry.

(A large bucket of popcorn is thrown at George. He tries to deflect it,

but the popcorn flies all over)

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lol classic. Seinfield is the best show ever created. I still can't believe some people have never watched it. *cough [uSER=5]@jmanz[/uSER]

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