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How a pencil is made.

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The making of a regular pencil. Very underestimated and taken for granted, but thought this was cool.

It starts with a block of cedar (1) which is then cut into slats (2).

The slats are then stained (3) and grooves are cut into one surface (4).

Prepared leads are placed into the grooves (5) and a second slat is placed on top and bonded with the first (6).

This 'pencil sandwich' is then passed through a milling process (7) to separate the individual pencils (8).

The pencil is painted and finished (9 & 10), a ferrule crimped onto the end (11), and finally, an eraser is crimped into the ferrule (12).


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The way in which a lot of these things are made is pretty impressive. Watching as a pen or bowl is turned from blocks of wood is pretty impressive.

Happened to catch something on the news last night about a guy who turns little goblets and gifts them to strangers to have his creations travel the globe. It was cool to see. I especially liked the way he manages to leave a little ring around the stem.


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