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Life in such a short amount of time

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I was getting water out of the fridge last night and I was thinking to myself. Here I own this refrigerator I own a house 3 vehicles and have a wife and baby. 13 years ago I was single and living halfway across the country. The biggest thing I owned was a car and then my computer. I had no tie downs. Just rent and vehicle payments. It's funny how life sneaks up on you. But it really does limit your movement in life. All of these things aren't bad but they are defiantly anchors. Does anyone else think like me when they were just a single guy and now what they have? Did I every think I would have these things or live in a state where at one time was nothing more than a square on a map? Life can be funny.

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I know what you mean. When single I could go to the gym and spend as much time as I wanted before having to leave. Now I have a wife, child, house, yard, bills and more responsibilities. I could do things on my schedule for the most part. If I felt like driving around in my car or bike I could without having to let anyone know for the most part. Like you said all these changes are not bad but sometimes would be nice to have a vacation from responsibility and the life as it is to just experience the single life again for a week.

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I'm single, have been for a while. I have the exact same struggle. I wish I were self-sufficient enough to support someone else - and paranoia / bitterness from past events constantly makes me unhappy - uphill struggle every day.

It's not that green being alone, guys. You have the good memories that you're focusing on about being single, and these things probably do look better when you have struggles, but if you spent a week alone you'd be clamoring for your old lives - trust me :D


I'm not harmonic

I can't reach self-esteem

That's quite ironic

Coz I thought I'd be living my dream

I don't feel supersonic

I don't drive in the lane of whipped cream

I'm more like a chronic

Ignorantly swimming upstream

What can I do to be happy?

I have problems to decide

When it looks to me the grass is greener

On the other side

How do I live for the moment

When I always wanna be else where?

How do I reach fullfilment

When I'm crashed and got parts to repair?

Why is my only amusement

Giving other people my despair?

Why do I give jealous judgement

On another's affair?

I wanna get satisfaction just like

The Stones and Manu Chao

Gotta ignore all rejection

I gotta keep trying anyhow

I wanna be close to the action

I wann live my life now

For htis correction I need direction

Gotta find it within myself somehow

So maybe one day I'll be happy?!

But until then I have to realize

That the grass is not always greener

It's only up to me to recognize

That the grass is not always greener

It's in your head it might look grenner

Coz the grass will never be greener

On the other side

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